Best Vaporizer

Tips on Choosing The Best Vaporizer For Your Lifestyle Needs

Trying to buy the best vaporizer for your lifestyle can be a rather difficult undertaking. There are numerous styles and variations of vaporizers today that can make you feel overwhelmed, especially if this is your first time. Before you dive into vaping, it’s important to look at the benefits vaping will offer as opposed to smoking. According to health experts, vaping is a lot safer than smoking, and so, we thought we would mention a few things you may want to consider when looking for the right vaporizer.


Vaporizers usually come in small, handheld size. These often go by the name vape pens. That means you can easily slip it in your pocket and use it while on the go.

If you decide to choose a handheld vaporizer, you’ll want to consider how the gadget will be powered. You can either choose one that uses butane as a source of power, or one that comes with a rechargeable battery. The vast majority of vape pens use rechargeable batteries, but it’s still possible to source the butane powered models, but for an extra cost. If you decide to choose the battery powered one, ensure you confirm with the manufacturers that there’s adequate warranty for replacing the battery if it fails to work right after the purchase.

However, don’t shy out from the standard desktop vaporizers. They are ideally good and more suitable for people who want to vape at the comfort of their homes. The standard version has the advantage of producing better vape quality and has more intake methods than the portable one.

Vapor Quality

There’s nothing worse than tasting smoke when vaping. Right out of the box, you expect your vaporizer of choice to produce steam that is flavorsome and aromatic at the same time. It can be rather hard to find out prior the quality of the vapor, but a vaporizer that employs convection rather than conduction is more likely to produce better vapor quality.

Duration of the Draw

If you are a novice, you may not be too well aware of this, but Draw Duration refers to the period of time needed to retrieve vapor from the vaporizer. That means if you want a high-quality vaporizer, you will be looking for one with a small draw duration. That’s because the vaping experience becomes more pleasant when the steam is released quicker. This is a key feature to look for and ensure you stay away from vaporizers that have long draw durations. Most of them are poorly designed.


Of course, if you are looking for the best vaporizer, you will most likely want one that is rigid, strong and durable in the long term. Of your vape pen or standard desktop is made of glass, you should be especially careful. If the vaporizer feels fragile when you pick it up, it is cheaply made and will most likely break if not handled properly. It is also imperative that you consider the glass quality to avoid cracking when the device is in use.

Keep in mind that it will be quite hard to find a vaporizer that has all these features and so, be ready to compromise. However, one thing that we would recommend is that you do not settle for the cheapest option. Buying a vaping device should be deemed as an investment, and so, it’s always better to choose the high-quality model. Of course, you will have to go deeper in your pocket, but if you will certainly enjoy the results. I hope that these tips will help you find a vaporizer that meets your lifestyle needs from the myriad of choices out there.