Best Portable Vaporizer For Dry Herb

How To Find The Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

There is an extensive list of benefits that you can get when smoking weed. According to the experts, one of the best ways to consume this herb is through vaporization. Instead of choking yourself with hot ash that could irritate your lungs, why not use a portable vaporizer? Vaporizers on the market today allow users to get the cannabis resin in the form of steam which results in a smoother experience compared to the traditional way of consuming it.

However, because of its popularity, the number of vaporizers in the market has been steadily increasing every year. This makes it more challenging and confusing for users especially for newbies to choose which one is the best for them. While it’s going to be easy to look online and search for the best ones according to your favorite blogger, you still have to know how to come up with a good decision for yourself. What are the factors that you should consider? Find them here!

The Amount Of Vapor It Can Produce

The point of buying a vaporizer is so that you can produce vapor when you use it. So why buy something that won’t be able to provide enough amount of vapor for you? The golden rule that you should remember when shopping for a portable vaporizer is that the more vapor it can produce, the greater is its effect.

But don’t get too excited when a vaporizer is producing too much smoke. Remember, smoke is different from vapor. Some manufacturers make vape pens with vape coils that combust when you put the dry herbs. While this is alright if you are not really after the vapor but after the smoking, don’t be tricked by thinking that vapor and smoke are the same. Vapor should be lighter and will disappear faster than regular smoke.

Quality And Flavor

If you want to get the purest flavor of your dry herb, remember the three most important parts of the vaporizer that could affect it: The air pathway, the materials used for the chamber, and the mouthpiece. The best material for a vaporizer is glass because users would get to taste only the purest flavor of their herb. But vape makers saw how efficient ceramic and stainless steel are for heating, that’s why they are the most commonly used for vaporizers.

Ceramic and stainless steel might cause the flavor to change a little bit, but it’s tough to notice. So if you’re not picky, these materials are ideal for producing excellent quality of flavors.

The Brand

When you are planning to purchase something, you want it to have a good quality so it would last longer. Of course, you want to have a vaporizer that would last as well. But how can you make sure that your vaporizer won’t break down quickly? Choosing a reliable brand is a must if you want to avoid accidents caused by vapes. Going to an expert might be more expensive than going to a simple store at the side of the road, but it would save you from a lot of trouble and harsh experiences. If you are buying a vaporizer from an online seller, they should make sure that the items are packed properly or protected with bubble wrap.

Portable vaporizers are some of the newest ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabis to your body. When buying a vaporizer, always inspect it carefully. Finally, the decision boils down to what your priorities are when shopping for a new vaporizer. Is it the vapor amount? The brand? Or the quality of the flavor? The choice is yours so choose wisely.