Best Portable Weed Vaporizer

The Top Reasons Why You Should Use A Best Portable Weed Vaporizer

While many people have engaged in the act of “smoking weed” for generations, it is only recently that marijuana has become available as a material for vaporizers. Typically, vaporizers were associated with tobacco loose leaves or concentrate and used as a means of overcoming cigarette addictions; but, now it is being used in a whole new way by a new target population. Some people may find this odd or strange, but research has evidenced several benefits to the use of weed vaporizers. This article will provide several reasons was to why you should make the switch from smoking week to vaping it, particularly using a best portable weed vaporizer.

1. The Health Benefits

Medical marijuana has become a popular topic nowadays with marijuana being used to treat various types of medical conditions. Of course, the marijuana used in these situations do present with a different type of construction, but it is marijuana nonetheless and the user is still ingesting the plant. Pro-marijuana studies have found that, while smoking weed cannot cure cancer or epilepsy, it does play a large role in the management of the conditions.

Unfortunately, much of the smoke inhaled when smoking cannabis can have negative effects or “dampen” the positive effects of the medical marijuana. This is why, as studies have discovered, vaporizing cannabis is more beneficial. Evidence has found that vaporizing cannabis can remove approximately 95% of the smoke inhaled making it a definite long-term investment and reason to use portable weed vaporizers.

Of course, the best portable weed vaporizers can also offer immediate health benefits. Many people who engage in smoking weed admit to a shortness of breath after smoking. This can be attributed to a sensation of anxiety or paranoia, but it has been discovered that it is a typical incidence of holding smoke for a longer period in the lungs – a physical instead of psychological cause. By using vaporizers, you will remove this problem and eliminate any negative physical symptoms when smoking weed.

2. It Is Discreet

While certain portable vaporizers do continue to emit noticeable vapors and odors, the more advanced weed vaporizer pens are more discreet. This means that the pen removes the smell and visual of the material being vaped, which is highly beneficial when using cannabis. If, however, you are using a vaporizer that opts for wax or oil materials there is a chance you will have residue on your hands afterwards.

3. The Flavor Is More Apparent

Vaporizing weed is not for everyone as many people feel the vaporized weed tastes like ‘burnt popcorn’ – this may be because you are burning it to a crisp. Statistics have shown that individuals who do use weed vaporizers find the flavor is more evident, clearer, and is often much cleaner than a traditional smoke.

4. It Is More Cost-Effective

While the more advanced portable weed vaporizers do require a large initial investment, although the cheaper options can cost as low as $30, it is an overall cost-effective item. This is due to the fact that the vaporizer will save you money in the long-term because you do not need to burn as much cannabis in order to reach that “high”.

According to a study published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, patients ranked weed vaporizers as being one of the most efficient means of marijuana intake. On average, the vaporizer is able to convert 46% of THC into vapor and the average marijuana cigarette would convert less than 25% into vapor. In conclusion, to obtain the high you would not need to purchase as much concentrate or vaporizer material; thus, saving money in the long run.