Best Vaporizer For Weed

How To Choose The Best Vaporizers For Weed

Deciding that you want to use a vaporizer is a big step, but you will now be faced with a more challenging decision. This is the decision of which weed vaporizer is the best one for you. When you look at the different vaporizers on the market, there are a number of factors that you need to consider. These factors will help you choose the vaporizer is the best one for your situation.

How Portable Does The Vaporizer Need To Be?

The first major factor that you need to consider when looking at weed vaporizers is how portable it needs to be. It is possible to get a desktop vaporizer or a portable vaporizer. If you are only going to be using the vaporizer on the go, then the decision is easy. However, if you are going to be using the vaporizer at home, this can become more difficult.

While portable vaporizers can be used on the go and at home, they will not provide the same functionality as the desktop models. Portable vaporizers have smaller chambers and shorter battery life when compared to the desktop models. This will make the desktop vaporizer ideal for anyone who is going to enjoy a long session at home or want to share with friends.

The Heating Method

Once you have decided on the portability of the vaporizer, you need to look at the heating method that is being used. There are 2 types of heating methods used and they are convection and conduction. Convection involves the heat being transferred via air particles while conduction involves the heat being transferred through direct contact.

Most people view convection as the better heating method as the heating element of the vaporizer and the materials will never touch. However, this heating method is harder for vaporizers to use and will make the device you want to get more expensive. Conduction heating is more common in portable vaporizers when compared to desktop vaporizers. The primary issue with this heating method is that there is a risk of the materials burning instead of vaporizing.

Having Temperature Control

The vaporizing of marijuana will generally occur at temperatures of 180 to 200 degrees Celsius. There are some vaporizers that allow you to set the temperature while others will control the temperature on their own. If you are going to get a vaporizer with temperature control, there will generally be 3 options. These are a range of presets, a digital display or an adjustable dial.

Digital temperature control is the best option as it is more accurate. However, all temperature control options provide the advantage of vaporizing at a consistent temperature each time you use the device. Vaporizers that control the temperature on their own will generally adjust the heat based on the speed of inhalation. This will create a learning curve as you need to learn how to inhale correctly to achieve a consistent temperature.

The Power Source

The power source of your vaporizer is very important, but is more relevant to people who use portable vaporizers. Desktop vaporizers will generally rely on wall adapters which make them consistent throughout the different brands. There are a number of different power sources that portable vaporizers can use.

There are a few vaporizers that use butane, but the majority will use a rechargeable battery. Certain types of batteries will be more durable and last longer than others. However, it is hard to determine which battery is best without owning the vaporizer first. If the battery is internal, you need to ensure that your vaporizer has a warranty that covers a replacement.