Best Weed Vaporizer

The Best Weed Vaporizers on the Go

Even if you will only be vaping in the comfort of your o=home or office, a portable weed vaporizer is the way to go. A portable weed vaporizer can be as discreet as a simple vaping pen, but they can also deliver a powerful service wherever you go.

Following is our pick of the top weed vaporizers you can carry with you wherever you go. These are especially convenient for the modern professional that must stay functional at all times.

#1 V2Pro Series 7

$129.99 — Works with Dry Herb, Oil or Wax Concentrates and all types of Vape Juices.

The V2 Pro Series 7 is our top pick for its amazing versatility and top-quality design that will last many years with good care. It is the first choice for those looking for the best experience, intensity and freedom to vape as you please.

The Series 7 is the perfect one-stop-shop for all the vaping you’d like with oil/wax concentrates, dry herbs or even any one of your favorite ejuices. It also features the special “pass through” function that will allow you to operate the mechanism while the batteries are loading.

You can expect a nice clean vape from this option and if used properly it will never burn your herbs. There is a special function that heats the vaporizer to the exact temperature you need. It is also surprisingly easy to maintain and clean.

#2 Mig Vapor DRE Vaporizer

$140.00 — Only for use with Dry Herbs

The MigVapor DRE is another great option although it only used for the vaping of dry herbs. His is the best dedicated weed vaporizer we reviewed, and only came in second to the V2Pro Series 7 because it has less versatility.

But beyond that you can expect the very best experience when vaping with the MigVapor DRE. It has an appealing and functional design and is the perfect size for carrying with you wherever you go. It also has an especially long-lasting battery supply, spacious chamber for storing dry herbs and a precision temperature control that will never burn your herbs.

#3 PAX 3 Vaporizer

$274.99 — good for Dry Herbs and Oil or Wax Concentrates

This impressive option is reputedly twice the beast its predecessor was. The reviews and performance of the PAX 3 were enough to secure its position in the top three of our picks for best weed vaporizer for this year. Not only is this an excellent option for enjoying your dry herbs, but will allow you to enjoy concentrates as well.

Performance comes in high on the criteria for best weed vaporizer, and we have to say that the ease with which this option can be setup for use is remarkable. The PAx 3 is fitted with a powerful 3500mAh battery and allows the vaporizer to reach optimal heat in as little as 15 seconds.

Furthermore, this option can be controlled from the comfort of your mobile device be it a iPhone, iPad or Smartphone. All in all this makes an excellent mid-range vaporizer and if the price tag were just the slightest bit lower it would be a steal.

#4 Mig Vapor Matrix

$139.95 — Good for Dry Herb, Wax/Oil Concentrates

Matrix Ceramic Vaporizer is made by one of the most impressive names in the vaping industry. This is an especially unique option that uses an innovative ceramic heating chamber and LED display to show when the heat has reached the correct levels. This convection system allows for a clean and smooth vape that is not found in most other varieties.